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Toxicity Testing

Increasingly we are experiencing the ill effects of chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides that we are exposed to in our industrialised environment and sophisticated homes.  These harmful toxins can build up in our bodies without being detected, and over a period of months and years can seriously undermine health.   Also refer to our Allergy Testing page.

Testing method

Toxicity testing reflects today's world by identifying how common toxins are affecting your health. The key toxins are chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. Testing is based on orthodox scientific knowledge of the body's biochemistry and is carried out using kinesiology (muscle testing) and a simple urine test.  Both are both safe, accurate and non-invasive methods.

These tests reveal the what, where and how of toxicity, e.g. high levels of mercury from amalgam fillings affecting thyroid function causing the symptoms of sluggish metabolism.

Solutions can be found to problems of fatigue and fluctuating energy, inflammation (e.g. eczema, arthritis), weight gain (the body creates fat cells to store toxins), allergy and intolerance (often caused by underlying toxicity), chronic digestive symptoms, and many more.

What happens in a treatment?

Using kinesiology we identify the nutrients and natural medicines specific to your body's individual requirements needed to restore health. These include homeopathic remedies and clinical nutritional medicines.

The Ionic Heavy Metal Urine Test is an inexpensive way ($10) of ascertaining which heavy metals are indicated. These can be further confirmed by using a porphyrin urine test. Testing for toxins in this way can contribute greatly to the accurate diagnosis and treatment of many of today's health problems.