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Meet the Practitioners

Alicia Melrose, BA (Hons), MNZAMH, Dip Phyt.

Alicia Melrose developed her enthusiasm for herbal medicine when she lived in Indonesia with a Sumatran Shaman after completing her BA Hons in Anthropology. Four years of further full time study in the UK gave her a Diploma in Phytotherapy (a qualification for excellence in herbal medicine) and membership to the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in the UK in 1988. With many years of clinical practice as a Registered Medical Herbalist and muscle tester Alicia has developed, first in the UK and now in NZ, busy clinics based on highest professional standards for chronic, acute and family medicine.

Still in awe of the potential of herbal medicines, she has a passion for her work and a deepening understanding of the causes of disease processes. She has years of experience as an educator both in the UK and NZ. Her recent political involvements and interests have led her to be spokesperson of complimentary medicine both on radio and TV.

Pip Martin, M.A.(Hons), Dip Tch, QSM. Member ISTA, STAA

Phillippa (Pip) Martin was always interested in health, and worked with geriatric patients as a student while finishing a degree in English literature and linguistics. She trained as an English teacher, however with the birth of her four children she became involved in child health and safety, and child health generally, helping to upgrade the district Plunket service. During this time, her mother, radiographer Marjorie Gordon was the first person in the world accepted as having been poisoned by darkroom chemicals and as a result became a research radiographer advocating for awareness of chemical hazards. After her mother’s premature death in 1996, Pip continued this work and set up SNFTAAS – The Support Network for the Aldehyde and Solvent Affected – to help anyone affected by chemicals in the workplace.

Her own family was at this time affected by heavy metal poisoning probably from a combination of old lead paint, arsenic-treated timber and mercury amalgams.

Tired of recognising symptoms of work-related chemical and heavy metal poisoning not being picked up or accepted by conventional medical and ACC systems, and largely untreatable by conventional (allopathic) medicine, Pip became increasingly interested in alternatives. This lead her to train in Scenar Therapy, an excellent tool for pain relief and chronic conditions. In conjunction, a growing awareness of the importance of the foods which have kept people healthy from our earliest beginnings, along with the importance of traditional methods of food preparation, and the poor nutrient content in many modern foods has lead to her passion to pass on this knowledge.

Kohutu Farm (also home of MannaCow Milk) and her own extensive garden provide the raw materials for a beehive of activity in the kitchen with the making bone broths, butter, and lactofermented foods like yoghurt, kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut. Wwoofers are given the chance to enjoy helping with the preserving and dehydrating of the bounty of fruits and vegetables!

She regularly runs 2 day Farmhouse Kitchen Courses from her home in Manakau which provides a medium to gain confidence in preparing nutrient dense foods.

Friederike von Rohden Naturopath ND Reiki III, Dipl.Inf. (FH)

Friederike is a Naturopath Graduate (Naturopathic College of NZ). She grew up in Germany and Holland and emigrated to New Zealand in 1988. She has also a degree in computer science and has been actively involved with the alternative health area since 1997. Naturopathy is her passion and part of her daily lifestyle.

Friederike is married and a mother of two boys. As a Naturopath, Friederike's aim is to empower people to improve their health and well-being by providing them with dietary and lifestyle advice, and if needed with safe and effective remedies. She will try to find the underlying cause of a condition and treat the entire individual person, by taking into consideration their emotions, physical body, diet, genetics, environment, spirituality and lifestyle combined with scientific knowledge and research. Being a keen researcher and regularly attending workshops, courses and seminars, Friederike endeavours to provide her patients with relevant and up-to-date information.

Friederike is not only providing naturopathic consultation, but also iridology readings, muscle testing, massage, ear candling, hair mineral analysis, as well as allergy, urine, and many more tests.