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Clinic of Natural Health

Belmont Park Clinic is a multidisciplinary practice based on a holistic, supportive approach to health. Our goal is to enable a person to take a proactive and life changing approach towards health. The different practitioners within the clinic all offer complementary skills that can address your needs, whether they are emotional, structural, energetic or biochemical.

The disciplines and services we offer include:

Herbal Medicine Naturopathy
Homeopathy Massage
Scenar Lazer Treatments
Allergy Testing Diet assessment and recommendations
Mead Meridian Testing Heavy Metal urine and hair testing
Detox and Candida cleanse Blood tests and urine tests
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Consultations involve a discussion that includes the reasons why you are seeking treatment together with a comprehensive compilation of your personal health history. All the practitioners use a subtle form of muscle testing called Kinesthetic Resonance. Kinesiology This testing assists in the identification of remedies that may be of assistance to you. It is our experience that this process removes much of the trial and error from identifying which are the remedies/medicines that will best support your return to health. Many clients are taking supplements etc that have often been self prescribed, usually through the internet or media advertising. The testing can also identify whether or not these are helpful. There are costs associated with the different remedies/medicines, however we seek to minimise your costs by identifying only the essential.

Alicia Melrose BA (Hons), MNZAMH, Dip Phyt.
General practitioner specialising in family health

Pip Martin, M.A.(Hons), Dip Tch, QSM. Member ISTA, STAA -
Scenar practitioner and instructor of the GAPS diet

Friederike von Rohden Naturopath ND Reiki III, Dipl.Inf. (FH) -
Friederike specialises in the treatment of children, fertility and pre-pregnancy programs.

Many years of experience in the fields of herbal medicine, kinesiology and other diagnostic techniques have a combined effect of treating you holistically and not simply attending to your symptoms. The Natural Health Clinic is a busy, referral based, practice that has achieved impressive results for clients over the years.

We offer the Scenar (Self-Controlled-Energo-Neuro-Adaptive-Regulation) for treatment of acute and chronic pain, trauma and chronic illness.  The device was invented by a team of scientists and doctors as part of the Russian Space Program and was rapidly adopted by Russia's Medical Profession where it has now been used for over 20 years.  Its widespread use in the West is a recent phenomenon which is rapidly gaining momentum.

Treatments offered

For more information about treatments, please refer to the following pages:
herbal medicine, kinesiology, toxicity testing and allergy testing.