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Kinesiology/Kinesthetic Resonance

Kinesiology/Kinesthetic Resonance - What is it?

Kinesiology/Kinesthetic Resonance is the science of muscle testing in relation to all body functions. It was first developed from a system of structural muscle testing used by orthodox medical practitioners.

In the last twenty years, the body of knowledge now known as Applied Kinesiology has developed rapidly, and extensive clinical research has validated its effectiveness.

How does it work?

be easily monitored by machines in hospital wards. The many energy circuits of the body control the body's functions. They also control the mental and emotional processes.

In perfect health, all the systems of the body receive an unimpeded flow of energy. Our bodies are designed to withstand a certain degree of stress and strain, but when this becomes excessive, something has to give way.

Kinesthetic Resonance, provides a system where the practitioner and client work together in energetically. By allowing a body's innate wisdom to 'tell' us what it needs, and listening to this via the testing, we are able to identify and correct in balances by recommending the approperiate treathment.

The client is actively participating in this process and is able to engage more conciously in taking responsibility towards correcting any inbalance and living a healthy life style.

What can Kinesiology/Kinesthetic Resonance treat?

Kinesiology/Kinesthetic Resonance can help identify solutions to many health issues of nutritional, emotional or structional nature.It can also help you develop a food program for your individual needs.