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Allergy Testing

"One man's meat is another man's poison" - Lucretius 95-55 BC

Food and environmental sensitivities can cause many health problems today, e.g. fatigue, weight gain, IBS. These can be identified by allergy testing.

The Bigger Picture

At the first consultation your health is discussed in detail. Most people with allergies have other problems which predispose them to react in an allergenic way. Often the body has reached a state of toxic overload, which makes them more sensitive to potential allergens (see Toxicity Testing).

Lifestyle factors are also considered, such as stress, diet and eating habits, home and work environment, etc. This big picture provides the context for understanding your allergies and for the treatment and advice you receive.

Testing Methods and Treatments

We use kinesiology (muscle testing) or hair analysis to check a range of allergens. These are safe, accurate and non-invasive methods of analysis. Occasionally a diagnostic elimination diet called The Stone Age Diet may be recommended if you don't respond to kineseology.

Two comprehensive blood tests are also offered. One is a food only test, the other a combined food and urine allergen test (both detect IgE and IgG antibody mediated allergies). Other laboratory tests are available if required. These tests can provide an accurate picture of your allergy status.

The aim of treatment is to strengthen your immunity to offending allergens and reduce the toxic load in your body. Health is restored by means of herbal remedies, desensitisation, detoxification, attention to diet, and nutritional medicines as required.