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A Vital Journey

There are some moments in our life when we are presented with an opportunity to make a life changing journey. This invitation to join our 8 week program, a Vital Journey, is one of those. What are the two biggest objections to undertaking the program.

  • Money - well the good news is that the program is very reasonably priced.
  • Time - in the greater scheme of things 8 weeks is nothing in comparison to the long term benefits.

A Vital Journey - Healthy LadiesExcuses can always be found. It is your choice. In life a golden rule is "you always get what you see". We are all busy today. This program, therefore has been designed in bite size chunks so that you are asked to dedicate no more that 1 hour of your day to implementing the changes. Indeed with the increased energy levels that are likely to happen as a response to the program you will find you have more time to be active and less time complaining of tiredness or collapsing into bed early in the evening. As an experienced practitioners we have worked with many people with every condition you can imagine, every case is so individual. My own journey has enabled me to see that there are some truths, real truths about how the body can regain, maintain and sustain health and these truths we have developed into this program of A vital journey. We live in a consumer driven world. Another miracle remedy flashes across the TV screen, another weight loss diet, another drug/ herb/tonic that will cure everything. We are bombarded. Money buys the remedy but it will not buy health unless other steps are taken, some of these steps just commonsense steps, such as those outlined in a systematic way in 'A Vital Journey'.

Each week the program covers specific areas such as:-

  • Diet - what to eat and why.
  • Discussion - some topic of interests and learning to help understand how are body works.
  • Exercise - recommendations and techniques for building up core strength and stamina.
  • Mental, emotional and spiritual guideline .
  • Supportive foods
  • Activities

Regardless of your need by the time you complete the journey you would have laid a foundation for healthy living. Only then you can decide how much of the learning you wish to maintain in your ongoing life. We have seen people change, and once these life changes are made, better health usually follows. The greater the journey the more training and perseverance a person has to commit. Find that inner voice within every one of us that always strives for health and happiness. Let that voice take you on the adventure, an 8 week adventure to better health.

Contact us for scheduled dates of the next Vital Journey.