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Alicia Melrose Natural Health Consultant

Alicia Melrose, Natural Health Consultant, Medical Herbalist offers a multidisciplinary practice based on a holistic, supportive approach to health. Her goal is to enable a person to take a proactive and life changing approach towards health. She offers complementary skills that can address your needs, whether they are emotional, structural, energetic or biochemical.

Alicia primarily works via remote / virtual consultations which includes skype, messanger, land line or mobile phones etc. She returns to Wellington infrequently to work in clinic. If you wish to make an appointment please go to the BOOK ONLINE.

Different modalities of treatments include:

Green Maiden (Acrylic on canvas 2014)

Painted in London, a busy city where the artist felt disconnected from nature. It symbolises the very tangible human desire to reconnect with one’s earthly roots.

A timeless woman that has a presence of love, sadness and mystery is set in a circle, a world within a world. It is this unknown and known quality about our planet that keeps us in awe. The colour green is calling to our heart space, we are so often in our heads that it is important to remember the power of one’s heart.

Artist: Indigo Jade Melrose | Website: